I have to tell you that it has been a very positive experience working with your foreman Shawn [Vernatter] on the Walmart remodel. He is a man of integrity and experience; and has gone beyond to work with all trades to make sure this project was successful. As we all know, the schedule was very hard to keep up with. I can’t think of a time where Shawn hasn’t completed what was asked of him, and with that, all the phased areas came in one time.

The shear amount of work that has gone into place by the carpenter crew is staggering. More importantly, the knowledge to put this work into place plays a huge part in the success of the project. And as such, I commend Shawn on his ability to run his crew efficiently while keeping safety at the forefront.

I can honestly say that without his efforts, we could have easily failed. It would be a privilege to use MDG and Shawn on any project we have coming up. Combined, you two bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Clint Massey, Walmart construction manager, Melissa Fowler, Walmart store manager and Greg Bridges with Walmart setup crew, has had nothing but wonderful things to say. They repeatedly tell me how well this project has been run and that they hold this team in high regards.

Great job Mike!

Tim Taylor, Skanska Superintendent

- Tim Taylor, Skanska Superintendent